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Protect your Android TV using the new ESET Smart TV Security

People around the world, in their millions, are dumping their old dumb TV and get themselves the smart TVs. Just what smartphones did to feature phones, smart TVs will do to dumb TVs.

If you recall back in the days when feature phones were trendy, there was little to no concern about personal cyber security on these mobile devices. Nowadays, your own phone (smartphone) is just a humming beacon calling out would-be attackers; from black hat hackers, to government bodies like the U.S.’s NSA.

The same types of concerns will come up with smart TVs; if

you doubt that your TV is harvesting your watching pattern and what you watch then selling that information to marketers to build your advertisement account. Well, it does! Now if you think that is sinister, well here comes the real shocker. Your smart TV could be used by hackers to spy on you, take recording (audio and/or video), snapshots, and even used as a loophole to gain access to your local network and hack other connected devices (think IoT kind of stuff).

In the good old days, we used to buy antivirus only for our computers. These days you buy antivirus for your computers, smartphones, and tablets. You will now have to buy antivirus for your smart TVs as well if you have already begun doing so.

A world-renowned antivirus software vendor ESET has launched a smart TV antivirus. The ESET Smart TV Security program runs on Android TVs and helps you watch your films, shows, with the peace of mind that no one is spying on you. The antivirus is also said to protect your TV from malware infestation and will also scan other (IoT) devices connected to your local network.

Given the risks to security and privacy, consumers need to think about protecting smart home devices in the same way they would protect their laptops, tablets, or mobiles; they cannot treat them like an average TV, kettle, or watch,”

warns Branislav Orlik, the Mobile Security Product Manager at ESET.

The ESET Smart TV Security app comes bundling antivirus, anti-ransomware, anti-phishing, and multi-device scanning capabilities into one. The app is already available and you can download it from the Google Play Store (only if) you access it via an Android TV platform.

Users need to feel safe in the knowledge that they can watch their favorite shows and browse the internet on their smartphone without fear of being watched or having their personal data compromised. ESET is the top-rated provider of security solutions for Android OS devices, so we are the smart choice for consumers to ensure all the devices in their homes, and the data they collect, are kept secure.

ESET is the top-rated provider of security solutions for Android OS devices, so we are the smart choice for consumers to ensure all the devices in their homes, and the data they collect, are kept secure.
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