Self-destructing Photo/Videos and Bios coming to a Telegram app near you


Telegram becomes the latest instant messaging up to catch up with Snapchat on disappearing messages. Well, others before Telegram that copied this Snapchat pioneered feature include Facebook Messenger among others.

If you got the latest Telegram version 4.2 (update your Telegram app if you don’t have automatic update turned on), you can now send disappearing messages to your friends. The new update allows you to take picture or video using the in-app camera, and then set a timer after which, the photo/video disappears. If the recipient tries to take a screenshot of the photo or video, the Telegram app will notify you.

To send your friend a disappearing photo or video, open the Telegram app, go to the contact’ chat thread. Hit the share button and click on the camera icon. Then take a snap or recording and before you hit the send button, tap on the timer icon at the bottom right corner of the photo/video. Set the timers to which you want the photo/video to disappear. Then hit the send button.

Other features in the updated Telegram app

Other than the ability to send disappearing photo/videos, the new version 4.2 update enables you to add a bio to your profile. This feature will help others distinct you by knowing exactly who you are, a feature that will be especially helpful if you are in one of those big chat groups on Telegram.

The update also brought enlarges spaces in between the stickers to enable you easily scroll through the sticker packs.

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