How to Set Autoreply on Facebook Page for Instant Replies to Fans

Facebook page is a great tool to market your business, ideas and products to the world. Every business, small or big, is using Facebook page to interact with a bigger audience. You can literally transcend boundaries and access people around the world to showcase your products. You can promote Facebook page and garner a lot of attention and market around your brand. If you have a busy Facebook page and fans keep messaging you and inquiring you about your product or anything related to your brand or idea, you must make sure that you reply your fans in time. The reply should be sent within a couple of hours, if not minutes, if you really want to build your repo. If you are going to stay off-grid for a while, you can use Facebook page autoreply feature to keep your fans updated. As you may have noticed that Facebook shows the time span in which a page replies. This shows that replying to Facebook fans timely on page is a really important metric.

Set Autoreply on Facebook Page for Instant Replies

In order to set an autoreply on Facebook page, perform the following steps.

Open your Facebook page and click on the Settings from the top right side as shown in the image below.

Now in the “Publishing Tools” or “Messages” tab, make sure to enable the messages so that users could contact you via message. You can click on the Edit option to change the settings. You will see a tick mark which you can check in order to allow other users to send you messages on Facebook page.

When you have enabled the messages, you will see the Messaging option on the left sidebar. Click on it and go to the Instant Replies section.

Now, Turn on Instant Replies option by ticking the checkbox beside it.

Under the “customize your instant reply” option, you will see a text box in which you can write a reply which will be sent as soon as a fan sends you a message.

Make your automated reply smartly. Add a message which conveys the real reason why the message is set on auto-reply. Add a contact number or redirection where a fan could convey the message to a real person.

After typing the message, just click on Save Reply.

That’s it. This is how to set auto-reply on Facebook page. I would recommend using this option only in two cases: when you are going away from your computer for a long time or you want to send instant replies to your fans as soon as they message and then send them a detailed solution after reading the message yourself later that day. In that case, you can just write an automatic message acknowledge that message receipt and promises to reply with a solution or answer very soon.


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