#SMWLagos: Quality Content Is Key To Social Media Marketing – MD Kaymu.com.ng

#SMWLagos: Quality Content Is Key To Social Media Marketing - MD Kaymu.com.ng

#SMWLagos: Quality Content Is Key To Social Media Marketing – MD Kaymu.com.ng

Leading online marketplace Kaymu.com.ng has highlighted quality content as key to leveraging social media contacts for business purposes.

Speaking at Kaymu’s featured event at the SMW Lagos held 25th February at Terra Kulture, Managing Director of Kaymu, Evangeline stated, “If you provide valuable content to your community they will pay for you to keep providing it”.

The panel session tagged SME 101: Converting social media to cash, featured seasoned experts in the field of social media namely; social media marketer Tosin Ajibade of Olorisupergal, Olusola Adewunmi, CEO Contagious 128 in the company of Kaymu MD Evangeline Wiles and Abiola Fabio, Kaymu’s Community Manager.

The event moderated by Kaymu’s Head of Marketing Communications, Tomiwa Oladele, attracted social entrepreneurs, business owners, and social media enthusiast seeking ways to maximize their social media platforms.

The CEO of Contagious 128, Olusola Adewumi   who spoke on converting your online communities to customers ,compared social media to real estate saying, “You are the Landlord of any platform you own, and like the landlord you have to find ways to build your tenants/attract visitors to your site’’.

Social Media Marketer, Tosin Ajibade of Olorisupergal added, “try as much as possible to engage your followers and then you can convert them to clients’’. She went on to state that social media does not occur in a vacuum; you need to go with the trends.

The Community Manager of Kaymu Nigeria, Abiola Fabio who spoke on social media sales funnel wrapped up the session stating that each social media platform should be approached differently. He opined that the modern consumer was a social animal and consumers of a brand determine the tone of the brand on social media.

About Kaymu

Kaymu is Nigeria’s number one safest online market place where buyers and sellers can meet and make the best deals for used or new products, such as: mobile phones, laptops, latest fashion and clothing products and home appliances. Visit kaymu.com.ng to explore its offerings.

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