Soundbyte is the ultimate SoundCloud client for Windows 10

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The popular music streaming app, SoundCloud, already has its official client for Windows 10. However, like most other apps/clients, there is always a third party version that offers a richer experience than the official one. For SoundCloud, that third party app is Soundbyte.

It is safe to say Soundbyte is predating on SoundCloud when it comes to the Windows platform, by offering users richer experience and features. The app gives you the same features that the SoundCloud official Windows app offers, plus other additional features.

On Soundbyte, you can log into your SoundCloud account, view your streams, likes, playlists, etc. If you the type that like shortcuts to learning, you can watch the video tutorial created by the app developer walking you through on how to use the app.

If you are running Windows 10 Anniversary Update and earlier versions, Soundbyte looks pretty damn decent. However, if you have the Windows 10 Creators Update on your system, the app is redesigned with Fluent Design, making it very easy on the eyes. In both instances, the app’s functionality can be said to outdo SoundCloud official app for Windows.

The Flaws in Soundbyte

Users report their dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the UI such as the search functionality, which appear to be half-baked. Though it is not much of a big problem, but, it could be better, then again it is a third party app with limited resources, and there is only as much as they can do.

Soundbyte features:

You get notifications when a new sound is posted

Upload your Sounds and Create Sets

Uses less memory compared to the SoundCloud website

You can view streams, trending items, like history, and playlist among other features

You can shuffle Sounds and Sets.

If Soundbyte looks like something, you would like to be jamming your favorite sounds from SoundCloud, head on to the Store and download it. Sadly the app is only available on Windows 10 desktop and Xbox. So far, Windows Mobile is not supported.

Click here to download Soundbyte.

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