Super Mario Run gets 2.85 Million Plus Downloads on First Day available on iOS

Super Mario Run gets 2.85 Million Plus Downloads on First Day available on iOS

When it comes to mobile gaming, Nintendo must be feeling happy about itself. It has released some of the most downloaded mobile games in their first days of their release in app stores. First, there was the Pokémon GO, and now Super Mario Run with barely 3 days in the Apple iTunes app store and over 2.84 million downloads on its first day.

The game is well on its way to stardom heights reached by Pokémon GO if it keeps on that trajectory it has shown this early. You might want to know not even Pokémon GO hit 1 million plus downloads on its first day, but Super Mario Run made it to 2.84 million on day one. This game could actually be Nintendo’s blockbuster game yet. But to be fair, Pokémon GO was released to just three countries on its first day, but Super Mario Run is available across 150 countries on its launch.

Pokémon GO was later released to more countries later so it would be an unfair comparison to compare the two head-to-head on their first-day performance. Nevertheless, Super Mario Run currently holds the world record for the most downloaded app within its first week of release in the Apple iTunes app store.

Super Mario Run is available for free download

Well, you can download the game for free right now from the iTunes App Store right now, but the game is not entirely free, though! When you complete the first two levels, you will be required to make a one-time $9.99 payment to unlock all levels in the game.

Do not be surprised, there are so many Apple fanboys who do not even think twice about spending some tens of dollars for full games on a consistent basis. No doubt, Nintendo will be data mining players’ experience to tweak the Nintendo Switch set to be released sometime in March 2017. It will not be surprising to find more features (better features) on the Mario game on Switch than you have on your iOS device.

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