Nope! Twitter is not killing Vine; it will keep it but as a Camera App

Nope! Twitter is not killing Vine; instead keep it as a Camera App

Your six second of fame app Vine, will not be killed by Twitter as earlier planned.

In October, Twitter made it categorically clear that Vine had to go, a move that was condemned by Viners all over the world. Where would Viners go to get their six second seconds of fame! Looks like the Viners plea were heard by the bluebird company execs, and they will allow you to continue using it. Well, somehow!

Yes Vine is here to stay, just not how you knew it

See, Twitter conceded some ground and allowed it to be, but maintains the it must go. So how, will you use Vine then?

Well, Twitter will turn it into a camera app that allows you record a six-seconds-long video that you can then share on Twitter. Unlike previously when you had the option of recording on both Vine’s platform and Twitter; you can also save the video on your phone.

As for your followers on the platform! The company says they are currently working on ways to turn all your fellow Viners who are following you on the platform become your new Twitter followers. The company says, be on the lookout for a Twitter notification on Vine followers now following on Twitter.

How about your old Vines?

Twitter says you can download all your Vines directly using the app or on the site. The Vines will continue living on site, and you can browse the amazing videos you created in the past. You just will not be able to add more Vines.

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