Tao Wellness: Portable Gym With Amazing Features To Take Care Of Your Health

Tao Wellness: Portable Gym With Amazing Features To Take Care Of Your Health

Want an isometric workout of the body? Do you have a strong desire to have a portable gym for your body?  If you answered yes, we have a solution for you. Tao Wellness is very simple device that coaches you through a convenient workout wherever you are: whether in the plane, in the office, at home, or in the car. This device monitors your statistics such as miles, steps taken, calorie intake, and heart rate and provides these statistics to your digital devices for display and analysis.


Vision of Tao Wellness

The aim of Tao Wellness is to provide every person with simple, convenient, and effective way to enhance wellness and fitness wherever they may be.

How Tao Wellness Works

Although it is a novel device, the techniques used by Tao Wellness is very ancient. It is inspired by the isometric principles developed in China and Greece centuries ago. The exercises with Tao contracts muscles even in a static position. The isometric exercises have been used by athletes for thousands of years in the past.

You can target different muscle groups and develop complete exercise pattern with the aid of Tao WellShell. It provides you the features of a portable gym. You can even perform an exercise related to every limb of your body.


Tao WellShell is an entirely new innovation in the world of exercise and it is protected by two patents. In a nutshell, Tao is a sort of mobile gym and a trainer that goes along with you so that you can exercise anywhere and anytime you like. It monitors your progress in the light of the statistics mentioned before and displays the data on your mobile or other digital devices.

TAO WellShell’s intuitive interaction (Tilt Tap Press) and ergonomic design make it simple to use and enjoy. With Bluetooth and a micro-USB port, connection and interaction are smooth and easy.


  • Tilt, Tap, Press navigation
  • Buttonless Design
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Heart-rate Sensor
  • 24 hour activity tracking
  • Fast coaching and feedback
  • Independent usage mode
  • Free Android gadget available from Google Play

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