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The African Women in Technology Conference comes to Lagos, Nigeria | Don’t Miss It!

Africa Women in Technology (AWIT) is a network of women who are creatively redefining the technology space in Africa and are key players in the world’s creative and innovative industries.

‘The African Women in Technology Conference is scheduled to be held at the Zone Tech Park in Lagos, Nigeria from March 29 to March 30, 2019.’

The yearly conference brings together stakeholders and trendsetters around the world, with a spotlight on African women in technology both at home and in Diaspora. The AWIT platform serves as a vehicle to push forward innovative ideas and aims to encourage African women to step forward and get involved in the technological development of the continent while providing support to propel their careers.

It is a space to learn, unlearn, and relearn relevant practices and acceptable business tools to ensure success in one’s chosen professions.

Serving as a platform of inclusivity for all women in the African Technology Space, this 2-day conference will provide an opportunity for extensive networking among women at diverse stages of their careers. Participants will learn, exchange ideas, interact with industry experts, and have the opportunity to speak with representatives of various tech companies, get insights on problems in African technology, and propose applicable solutions to these problems. This conference will serve as a landmark event for recognizing the available opportunities and mapping out strategies on how to grow as African women in technology.

Aptly themed ‘The Techazon Within You’ the conference organizers have expressed excitement and how much the African Women in Technology network has positively impacted the lives of African women who are getting involved in the advancement of the African technology sector and promoting significant growth in their communities while advancing their career growth in the process. This is why to further aid Skills, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, and other creative sessions that will serve to awaken the techazon within conference participants and spur them unto greater professional breakthroughs.

As part of the networking session at the conference, participants will stand the chance to receive group mentoring that will be sustained even after the conference; to find internships and employment opportunities, meet people in their local communities who share the same interest and take advantage of the fast, affordable, and reliable financing available at the conference.

The conference is free, however, you must register to attend

Since 2016, the African Women in Technology Conference has held in Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, and the United States, and has impacted the lives of over 1,000 participating women. Since its inception, the African Women in Technology conference has received notable partnerships and sponsorship from Google, Flutterwave, Renmoney, Ibom LLC, Innov8tiv, ABAN Angels, and other private bodies.

About AWIT

African Women in Technology was founded by Anie Akpe with the sole purpose of sparking interest in STEM among, particularly African women. A demographic that is by far a minority across the various STEM fields.

For more information, visit www.africanwomenintechnology.com. For partnerships, sponsorships, enquiries and more information on the conference, send an email to info@africanwomenintech.com.


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