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The guys who built GBWhatsApp have bowed down to the pressure and shut down the copycat app

Mark Zuckerberg and team over at Facebook will now sleep a bit better tonight and many nights coming. Following the news that the plug on GBWhatsApp has been pulled out, and the copycat app has officially drawn its last breath.

This development comes after a decision to shut down business by the developers behind the app. GBWhatsApp was a fork version of WhatsApp, which gave users features with contravened the policies upheld the official WhatsApp app. The developers made the announcement that they are stopping any further support for the fork app on their Telegram channel


We are really sorry to announce that we have completely stopped the developments of GBWhatsApp. It was a great time with all you people. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hence we have closed all the site, social accounts, and everything. There will be no further development.”

WhatsApp has in the recent past come down hard on the copycat version of the app. It all began by a temporary ban on users using these forks

. WhatsApp has further threatened slapping users of these fork a permanent ban from the platform should they continue using the copycats.
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