The Top Trends In The Laptop Market And How They Affect Consumers

The Top Trends In The Laptop Market And How They Affect Consumers

Every market is subject to trends and patterns, and laptops are no different. Every year manufacturers create new devices based on buying habits and trends in the wider technology market. For buyers, these trends need to be considered when investing in a new device, as it is important that they select the technology that is right for them out of the myriad of options on the market currently. To help narrow down this search, we have compiled a list of some of the top trends in the laptop market today and offered our insight on how these can be used to make the right decision when buying such an important piece of technology.

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Screens

In the TV market OLED screens have been a staple for some time, but this trend is now moving into the laptop space, with top manufactures such as Alienware, Dell and HP all introducing products that incorporate this innovative technology into their screens. The result is a crystal-clear display that is perfect for those looking to stream movies, play games, input tricky code or undertake any task that requires a bright and clear display.

Redesigning Old Models

Many laptop creators have chosen to slightly redesign old versions of existing models rather than create entirely new devices, as is the case with the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and the Dell XPS 15. For buyers, this can raise questions about whether it is better to buy a new model or simply refurbish their existing machine. Laptops can easily and quickly be repaired and made as good as new, so consumers can consider repairing existing technology before looking to buy a new device that is only slightly different. If you’re looking for someone that can do this, consider using CPR’s laptop repair service as they can do same day repairs which is handy if you rely on your PC and don’t want to be without it for too long.

Powerful Gaming Devices

Laptops specifically designed for gaming have been a key focus in the technology market for some time, and today these machines are powerful and crafted with gamers in mind. Many, like the Asus Mothership, are designed to look like existing products, in this case the Microsoft Surface, so that gamers can enjoy on-trend aesthetics combined with processors and technology created to ensure an enticing gaming experience. Those who enjoy gaming should consider the range of options available and entertain the idea of selecting a device specifically for gaming so that they can make the most out of the functions these laptops have and the improvements they can make to their gameplay.

Laptop/ Tablet Hybrids

Tablets have been a popular option for buyers for many years, and recently devices that combine the portable touchscreen of a tablet with the sturdiness and keyboard functions of a laptop have become a great way for users to enjoy the best of both options in one machine. These creative hybrids are the ideal choice for laptop users seeking a versatile, portable device.

Smaller Screen Sizes

Whilst many manufacturers are still creating 15 and even 17 inch screens for their devices, a number of companies have made their screens smaller, with 13, 13.5 and even 12 inch screens common in today’s laptop market. This trend allows consumers to enjoy the same powerful devices in a smaller, more convenient device that can easily be transported to school, work or anywhere else. For those who use their laptop regularly and travel often these smaller devices are ideal.

AMD Processors

It is safe to say that Intel still dominates the laptop processor market, but AMD laptops have made significant strides in recent years, with the firm’s Athlon chips now used in a variety of devices including those made by HP, Lenovo and Acer, among others. This newer processing solution is cheaper than those of its rivals, and as its performance improves it will make for a cost-effective alternative for technology fans looking to save money but not sacrifice power and functionality.

Dual Screen Laptops

Initially a novelty, the trend for laptops with more than one screen is showing no sign of slowing down. Be it on the back, a smaller screen above the keyboard or even a folding touchscreen device, there are now many options to choose from, and with consumers increasingly focused on practicality and display quality manufacturers will doubtless continue to innovate their products around this creative new trend. As a new entrant to the market dual screen laptops are currently an expensive option, and as the technology is still being amended and finalized it may be wise for consumers to wait to see what the future holds for these inventive laptops.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a new laptop then the latest trends in the market will help you to make the perfect choice. In the current market there are many new functions and features to consider, and as a result these are definitely exciting times for technology fans looking to upgrade their hardware and find themselves the ideal new laptop with cutting-edge features and the latest software solutions.

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