Theresa May becoming British PM is a Win; now waiting on Hillary in US #Feminism

Just for a second, if you could divorce yourself from all the politics that goes with their appointment. A woman (Theresa May) being at the helm of British political rule and another woman (Hillary Clinton) being at the helm of the United States political rule. This is a big win for feminists around the globe.

You would expect women and girls agenda to get an unprecedented boost with women being in critical positions in some of the world’s most influential and strong economies.


would be a double win for all feminists around the world. Girls will have made milestone steps towards running the world; you can almost envision Beyoncé tap dancing to that:

The incumbent British Prime Minister David Cameron is set to resign on Wednesday. Paving the way for Theresa May at the helm of Britain political and economic control. May currently serves at the British Home Secretary.

Theresa May appointed PM following another Female Candidate stepdown

On Monday, Graham Brady, the chair of the 1922 Committee, officially named May the Conservative Party leader and set to succeed Cameron “with immediate effect”.

The 1922 Committee is a collection of Conservative Members of Parliament who are pivotal in the electing of the leader of the party.

By Monday, May was the clear appointee of that position following her rival, Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom pulled out of the race. Following the controversial comment, Leadsom made regarding motherhood and leadership.

The two women; May and Leadsom were supposed to battle it out in the form of election by the wider Conservative Party made up of 150,000 people. However, with Leadsom stepping down, and May being the sole candidate, the party rules were sidestepped.

Cameron opted for early resignation instead of October

Although Cameron was to resign in October, he chose to step down this week on Wednesday.

Obviously, with these changes, we now don’t need to have a prolonged period of transition. And so tomorrow I will chair my last Cabinet meeting. On Wednesday I will attend the House of Commons for Prime Minister’s questions,” said Cameron while addressing reporters on Monday outside the 10 Downing Street.

And then after that, I expect to go to the palace and offer my resignation. So we will have a new Prime Minister in that building behind me by Wednesday evening.”

Already, Africa has had Two Female Presidents

Africa has already elected two women to the helm of its political administration.

Liberia’s Ellen Johnson and Malawi’s Joyce Banda. So yeey!! For the feminism movement around the world.

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