Top Heavy-Duty iPhone Xs Cases you should get to protect your expensive and luxurious device

So you are among the early birds who line up in the queue overnight waiting for the Apple Store to open the next morning after the launch of the iPhone Xs. There is no doubt you spent a considerably large amount of money to acquire the device.

If someone were to tell you, in three months to come, your iPhone Xs will have slipped through your finger, hit concrete, and scatter into pieces. God forbid right! Then again, we all know Apple fans like to flaunt their iPhone, iPads, and MacBook to make a luxurious statement about their life.

As far as the iPhone Xs goes, you can get clear and slim cases to drive that agenda while also keeping your expensive device protected. Well, we have listed some of the best cases for the new iPhone Xs. They are a follows:

#1 – Zizo

If you are looking for a heavy-duty military grade casing, Zizo got you covered. It comes with certification to safeguard your iPhone Xs. This case uses impact dispersion technology, making it shockproof that will protect your phone during drops and falls.

Other than the protective abilities, this case is also quite fashion-forward. It has a slim design and comes in a wide range of impressive colors. It also comes with a kickstand, which makes video and movies watching on your iPhone less of a hustle.

#2 – i-Blason

i-Blason is among the top brands when it comes to heavy-duty cases for both iPhones and iPads. They recently released a new casing tailored for the iPhone Xs, and it comes with multi-layered TPU bumper that protects your phone during drops and falls.

This casing comes complete with a screen protector; therefore, saving you money. The transparent back ensures your phone stays protected while you still be able to flaunt your device.

#3 – Luvvitt

A double-layered shockproof casing made out of the shock-absorbing TPU rubber body and a PC hard shell. To protect the touchscreen, the Luvvitt casing comes with a raised front edge that runs around the case.

For a premium feel in your hands, the casing has a triple coating for a comfortable slip-free grip. It also has tactile feel and precise cutouts to enable you easily and quickly access the ports and buttons.

#4 – Triennium

A multi-layered casing with robust protection for your iPhone. It comes with TPU interior and a hard polycarbonate outer layer. It also has a multi-functional holster that allows you to attach it to your belt for a quick release and access to your iPhone.

The same holster doubles up as a kickstand allowing you to watch videos and movies in ease.


YOUMAKER is so confident about its casing that they are offering users a lifetime warranty. Then again, the casing is made up of hybrid PC and TPU materials, which both offer great texture and military grade shockproof.

With its dual-layer, YOUMAKER reportedly offers a 360-degrees level of protection for you iPhone Xs. Not forgetting how the added metallic painting gives your iPhone a more aesthetic element.

#6 – Vena

For some reason, I see the Venna casing as something batman would be using. It is made to be one of the most rugged cases for iPhone Xs in any list. It comes with a holster that gives your phone a more comprehensive protection.

It has a detachable swivel holster that has a built-in kickstand for great movies, videos, and slideshows viewing experience.

#7 – Caseology

When it comes to a heavy-duty casing for iPhones, Caseology has been a name to reckon with, as they have some of the most comfortable yet protective casing in the market. Their cases are also well compatible with virtually all third-party screen protectors and wireless chargers among other iPhone Xs accessories.

the casing comes with a military-inspired design; a long slim and solid body. There are no bulky profiles on this case. It gives you a good blend of TPU sleeve and durable PC shell.


Made of hybrid TPU and hard PC casing, BENTOBEN gives great protection to your iPhone Xs. It also comes with premium quality dual-layered phone case, to make your phone come from those drops and falls with barely a scratch or dent.

looking closer at the picture above, you can see the precise cutouts giving you quick access to all the essential ports, buttons, and controls. It also has a raised front edge and a camera lens lip bound to capture your attention in addition to protecting your phone’s touchscreen and camera lens.

#9 – ESR

Fitted with hard PC and a flexible bumper. If offers you dual-layer protection. You should note it has a 2H transparent back, which will flaunt all of your iPhone Xs design. It also has a laser cut micro-dot texture that keeps the back cover clinging evenly to your phone.


This casing also doubles up as a wallet case, but it also has a hybrid armor PC material thus can be classified as a heavy-duty case. It has a dual-layer polycarbonate shell that protects your iPhone Xs upon impact.

On the inside, it has a soft rubber bumper that makes the case shockproof. On the back of the case, there are several slots to keep two cards. You simply push the slider, and the two spaces to put your cards can be seen.

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