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Uganda blocked Social Media after opposition leader Besigye sworn in as parallel President

It appears the political tensions that build up during the presidential elections are far from over in Uganda three months down the road after Yoweri Museveni was reelected on Feb 18, 2016. Museveni is in his 31st year as the President of Uganda while opposition leader Kizza Besigye got sworn in yesterday as Uganda’s parallel president.

Besigye’s swearing in comes one day before the

scheduled date for Museveni’s inauguration as the president following his victory in the February 2016 presidential polls. Museveni’s reelection has been marked with allegations of elections rigging and interference with the electoral process. Something that the opposition claims saw their candidate Besigye denied his rightful victory in the just concluded presidential elections.

It has now emerged that the Uganda Communication regulation body has directed the mobile carriers to shut down social media in the country. This government directive was issued on Wednesday, May 11th

, and the carriers sent out text messages to their subscribers notifying them that social media services will be temporarily disabled until Thursday, May 12th.

The latest news this Thursday morning, indicate that opposition leader, Kizza Besigye has been arrested by the government authorities.

Citizens are being told the shutdown of social media services is for security reasons. Th

is is the second time Uganda’s authorities are shutting down social media services; the first was during the February elections. Critics argue it is a calculated move to disable the flow of information especially among the opposition stronghold regions and control the news the outside world gets about what is going on inside Uganda.

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Below is a sample of tweets made by people inside (using VPNs) and outside Uganda have to say about the government’s move to block social media and the political turmoil the country is embroiled in.

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