UNICON Industry Summit and Creatives Convention to showcase Nigeria-made Video Games, Animation, and Comic Books

UNICON Industry Summit and Creatives Convention to showcase Nigeria-made Video Games, Animation, and Comic Books

Nigerian comic book, animation, and video game industries on display at the inaugural UNICON Industry Summit and Creatives Convention

On Saturday, November 17th, 2018, the Collective
Industry Conventions Africa (CICA), and US-based consulting firm, BIAYA Consulting, will host the
inaugural UNICON Creatives Convention from 10 am to 7:30 pm at the Nigerian Law School in Lagos,
UNICON is an exhibition of the Nigerian creative industry that demonstrates the power, reach, and
profitability of African content. The industry showcase and summit will engage creative industry
stakeholders on the opportunities in the industry, as well as showcase the talent and ingenuity of
local creative entrepreneurs.
The UNICON Convention is a deep dive into Nigeria’s very own superhero universe. The event will

A comics and animation expo, including animation screenings

A gaming competition hosted by GameEvo. Winners receive a cash prize!

Other opportunities to win prizes: Raffles, Digital Arts Competition, Cosplay Competition

Instagram-worthy photo ops in front of futuristic backdrops and interactive spaces

Themed panels led by industry leaders on topics to support the local industry

A children’s area outside for wholesome family fun!

A closing musical performance by Universal Music Group Artists

“ Unicon came to life due to the need to promote and establish this industry, the creative industry,whereby it can create a whole new income generating sector for this part of the world. We focus so much on oil and other resources, but we haven’t really focused on creativity. I believe that if you want to change society, you need to change the narrative, let the kids know, let the future know, that they are powerful and that they can do anything. Everyone knows America is great, because they have sold the story. We need to do the same .” – Peter Daniel , President, CICA.

On Friday, November 16th, BIAYA Consulting, and CICA will also host the UNICON Industry Summit,
which will be held as part of this year’s AFRIFF program. The Industry Summit will include a local
industry presentation by the Collective Industry Conventions Africa (CICA), a legal framework by
Isioma Idigbe of PUNUKA Attorneys and Solicitors, a market opportunity presentation by BIAYA
Consulting, and a keynote panel to put the local opportunity in a global context. These presentations
will facilitate discussions around the economic development and export potential of Nigerian stories
and culture through the visual arts.

In a country with a growing youth population that is deeply talented, but in need of additional access
to a formalized capacity building, training, and skills development opportunities, the creative sector
provides Nigeria with a vehicle for economic development. While Nigeria has awakened to the
potential for Nollywood, there is a slow awakening to the potential of the animation, comic, and
gaming (ACG) industries.
BIAYA Consulting, CICA and their partners, are excited to launch UNICON as the first of many
initiatives designed to facilitate growth within the ACG industries.

To register for UNICON visit: www.uniconafrica.co

For additional information on CICA visit: www.cicalimited.com

For additional information on BIAYA Consulting visit: www.biayaconsulting.com

For media, sponsorship and attendance requests contact:

BIAYA Consulting – info@biayaconsulting.com

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