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Update, Backup, and Restore Windows Drivers Using This Free Software

Update, Backup, and Restore Windows Drivers Using This Free Software

Backing up drivers in Windows platform is really necessary to keep up your devices up to date, free of security vulnerabilities. I always hate the daunting task of searching the drivers from vendor websites whenever I install a clean Windows on my PC or laptop. Driver Magician is a Windows application that offers a professional solution to update and backup windows drivers. You can also restore drivers with new Windows installation.

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Driver Magician diagnoses all hardware connected to your PC, finds their associated drivers from your hard disk and saves them at appropriate place of your desire. When you install new version of Windows, you can easily restore drivers like you would do from original drivers DVD, provided by PC manufacturer. Your PC will load drivers and make hardware function properly.

Driver Magician also contains a huge database of built-in drivers with the ability to go to the internet for receiving driver updates. It saves a lot of time in finding correct drivers. Latest drivers will certainly boost the performance of your PC. If unknown hardware is connected to your PC, Driver Magician will detect it easily with its built-in hardware identifier database.


Let’s have a look at key features of Driver Magician.

  • Back up device drivers of your PC in four modes
  • Restore device drivers after new windows installation effortlessly
  • Update drivers for better performance and stability
  • Uninstall drivers
  • Live update device identifier database and driver update database
  • Detect new hardware and unknown devices connected to PC
  • Backup items that usually get deleted with installation of fresh copy of Windows such as My Documents and Desktop.
  • Restore more items from backup
  • Get detailed information about hardware
  • Integrate all drivers into a auto-setup package so that you can easily install drivers without aid of Driver Magician.

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The latest version 4.5 supports Windows 10 that is a great news for users of latest operating system from Microsoft. The software is backward compatible with previous versions of Windows

. So, if you are running Windows 8 or Windows 7, the latest version should run smoothly.

Driver Magician gives user-friendly solution to drivers’ requirement for your Windows. You shouldn’t be worried about installing new version of operating system on your PC. With the help of Driver Magician, you can update and backup windows drivers for using them later on. You can also create a standalone application for installing all drivers in one go.

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