How to use Google Maps Offline On iOS and Android

How to use Google Maps Offline On iOS and Android

The real problem with Google Maps is that it becomes completely blank when it goes out of the network coverage area because of no internet connectivity. This problem will not occur when you have saved your maps for offline viewing. With offline saving option, you can save large number of maps for guidance even if you don’t have any internet or network access. There is a wonderful trick to save Google maps on Android and iOS with the latest updates of these apps released by Google.

The procedure for making maps available offline is similar to both iOS and Android.

  • You need to install the update first of all. The iOS version is latest up to 3.0 while Android version goes till 8.0. Android users who can’t see any updates should keep checking for it. Google likes to update the Android apps quite slowly.

  • Once you have installed the updated version, you need to launch the app and tap the profile icon next to the search bar. You need to scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • You will find a new section that is dedicated to the offline maps. You can utilize two methods for saving a section for offline use. The first is available in the Settings while typing “Ok Maps” in the search bar at anytime while viewing the map is the second method.

  • Once you have activated the save dialog, you are then able to zoom in and out of an area and you can save it to your device also. If the area to be saved is too large, you will be asked to zoom in, name the area, and then save it.

The procedure is very simple and you can view the area that you have saved even offline. You can search through it for different landmarks as normal.

You must keep in mind that the saved maps will remain part of your device only for 30 days. After a one month period, the app will clear off the space on your device by purging off the maps.

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