Use WhatsApp on your Mac Easily for Free With WhatsMac

Using WhatsApp on Mac was always my dream. I just hate the nuisance of switching back and forth from my phone to Mac just to interact with my friends on WhatsApp. While there are WhatsApp clients for web in town, there is a great free app for Mac that lets you use WhatsApp in your Mac with the same interface and features as you have in your phone. Meet WhatsMac; the best free way to use WhatsApp on Mac. You could set WhatsMac up and start sending and receiving WhatsApp messaging in your Mac. You will be notified for every message in the OS X notification section. You can also upload and share media, photos and videos, but that is only available via drag drop feature for now.

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First of all, you should download WhatsMac by clicking this link.

Right click the downloaded file and click Open to install it around the Gatekeeper for Mac.

WhatsMac gives the best wrapper function around the WhatsApp for web client. But this comes with a cost: You will need to authenticate it first by using the QR code. You will need to scan the QR code from your mobile where the activated WhatsApp account is running. This means that iPhone users couldn’t use it. Why? Because iPhone doesn’t support QR scanning yet. But you could just scan the QR code from any Android, Windows, or even BlackBerry device to get things going. After all after the scan, you would finally be able to use WhatsApp from your Mac in peace.

So WhatsMac is a great new app that you could use to enjoy WhatsApp messaging right from your Mac. Let us know in case of any problem or question.

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