Using Technology to Treat Cannabis Use Disorder

Using Technology to Treat Cannabis Use Disorder

The majority of the existing cannabis treatment options that are in existence are limited and only reach a very small percentage of people who misuse cannabis and CBD products for recreation or anxiety. Cannabis abuse has been on the rise since states in the country started to legalize the use of cannabis. However, there are many ways cannabis abuse can be treated. This article will take a look at how to use technology to treat cannabis use disorder.

There are many ways we can use technology to treat cannabis use disorder including the use of smartphone applications, collaborative voice recognition, and web technology. The purpose of using technology to treat cannabis use disorder is that it gives the people offering treatment an extensive reach compared to traditional methods of treating cannabis misuse.

While using technology to offer treatment to patients diagnosed with misusing cannabis, it is also worth considering how technology provides efficiency to provide primary care to the patients. You should know that when using technology to offer treatment, regulatory and privacy concerns must be accounted for when delivering the treatment.

Role of Technology in Treating Cannabis Misuse Disorder

Cannabis misuse disorder is a significant problem not just in the United States, but also all over the world. In the United States, more than $80 billion is spent annually trying to treat people suffering from cannabis misuse disorder.

While many people suffer from this problem silently, very few are treated. That implies that at least 90% of people suffer from the disorder and they are not even aware that they are sick. The number of deaths associated with cannabis misuse disorder has increased by at least 200% in the last ten years.

While not all of the deaths are directly related to cannabis overdose, there are some which are as a result of the actions of people under the influence of cannabis. Today we will discuss how technology can be used to treat cannabis use disorders and avert such disasters.

Smartphone Applications

Almost everybody in the world owns a smartphone. The increase in popularity of smartphones has also played a big role in the development of apps that focus on our health. If you take time to study the smartphone apps dedicated to health, you will be surprised to note that most of those apps have advanced functionalities which can help people manage all kinds of illnesses including chronic diseases.

Among those apps are those which help people with cannabis use disorder understand their condition and offer help on how to manage the condition. Recent studies that have been done to evaluate how self-administered smartphone treatment can help showed that assessment of the cannabis they took using a smartphone helped the participants realize if they had a disorder or not.

The smartphone app also gave the users solutions to their cravings as well as giving tips on how you can reduce the cravings. The app also offered psychological advice to people who were distressed with the intention of reducing the chances of taking excess cannabis.

The findings show that smartphone apps can be used to help people who cannot access psychiatric services yet they are suffering from cannabis use disorder.

Collaborative Voice Recognition

If you have a cannabis use disorder and you are an outpatient, you may require close monitoring daily. The purpose is to ensure that you adhere to the rules that are given to you including how to overcome cravings and also being reminded of the effect if you slip back to the habit. Collaborative voice integration offers scripts which are pre-recorded containing help to people who seek advice on how to fight cannabis use disorder.

The system can also schedule phone calls to get a response from the patient in real-time. Voice recognition is imperative because the system will automatically recognize the patient who is making the call and make an appropriate recording which will be presented to the psychiatrist later on.

It is also an important way to deal with people who misuse cannabis because some of those patients who do not feel comfortable talking with the doctors directly, but they can talk to the machine without a problem.

Web Technology

This is one of the best and most cost-effective ways of helping patients with cannabis use disorder. The use of web technology helps in expanding the reach to the community while at the same time reducing the burden of the disorder in the community.

As long as a patient has access to the internet, the patient can participate in the treatment program from anywhere on the globe. Web-based technology also offers the patients a chance to hold discussion forums with other patients from various parts of the world.

Web technology plays a big role in helping patients engage with their doctors and fellow patients thus offering a platform where everyone can lay bare all their problems and expect answers or solutions from the people in the forum.


Technology has played a big role in our lives especially in the last ten years. Using technology in addressing addiction problems has helped a lot because not many people can access help while some do not even want to go to centers where they can get help. Technology has also made it possible to gather data and come up with analyzed data regarding people with cannabis misuse disorder.

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