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Vote Africa – mobile app that promotes Voter Education in the Zimbabwe elections

When you read about the tech innovation coming out of the Southern Africa country of Zimbabwe, you would rightfully assume it is ripe for a technological revolution. However, the situation on the ground is that of brilliant minds with innovative ideas, but are cash-strapped to launch or expand their product. That has been the case for Vote Africa.

Vote Africa is a mobile app developed by Norman Dube, a software developer who came up with the app back in 2016. But in that year, Zimbabwe experienced another bout of severe cash crisis; which was primarily attributed to the bad governance by the then Robert Mugabe-led government.

Now, that Mugabe was ousted by a friend turned foe, and the country held its first election without him (Mugabe) on the ballot paper. Dube felt it right to launch the Vote Africa app. It was a such an opportune time to launch the app, as it was very much needed.

Civil education and educating voters on their rights is critical in any election. Assuming that the current regime, which toppled a former dictator regime in which they still held key positions of influence, allows for a free and fair electoral process. Then the civilians will have their will and rights respected.

Milicent Atieno

Proud Kenyan Citizen, loving everything Tech related.

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