What is the Best Time to Send Your Email Newsletter?

What is the Best Time to Send Your Email Newsletter?

Email marketing is the process of sending emails to your customers and potentially leads to promote your new product and brand. It can also be used to update customers of your services and notify them of new content you’ve made. Whichever the purpose is, email marketing helps drive businesses forward and expand it.

However, email marketing shouldn’t be made a business tool where you talk about your brand and product alone. You must understand what your customers and potential leads want so that you may write an email that they will indeed read. In addition to that, you must also time your email campaigns properly for better click and open rates.

Why Does Timing Matter When Sending Emails?

Timing plays a big role in email campaigns because you are competing with other brands, platforms, and apps for a user’s attention as a marketer. Your email recipient’s phone can be loaded with notifications from other apps like Facebook, mobile games, and YouTube.

If you send your email at the wrong time, chances are, they’re more likely to pay attention to other apps instead of reading your emails. To follow up with sending your emails at the right time, you must know how to create a unique email marketing campaign. And it’s not just about the proper timing on when to send your email and make good content. You also need to understand that we’re all living different lives and our routines are different from one another.

I schedule my email reading from 6 am – 7 am because this is the time I drink my morning coffee. You could be reading your emails during the night because you prefer to do it before you go to bed. By understanding these human behavior concepts, you’ll know when the right time is to send your email to generate more engagement.

What is the Best Day to Send an Email?

CoSchedule’s research of 14 different and data-driven studies found that the best days to send emails are the mid-weekdays. That means there are many email campaign engagements from Tuesdays to Thursdays with Tuesday ranking 1st of engagement volume, followed by Thursday and then Wednesday.

As a follow up to the best email timing, you should boost your sales by being consistent, choosing the right hours for starting the campaign, and understanding your customer demographic.

It’s safe to say that sending your emails on these days will surely generate engagement. However, you must not forget that there are still users with different weekly routines as well. Some customers might prefer to receive emails during the weekend when they’re more relaxed, and other users may have their Mondays and Fridays much more comfortable than others.

There’s another factor you should consider when picking the right day for a campaign – your niche. If your brand is focused on online purchases, Saturday is the hot day for that campaign. If your business is about travel or lifestyle, you should send your promotions on a Friday, where users think of adventurous ways to spend their weekends.

What is the Best Time to Send Your Newsletter?

There are four best periods to send newsletters, according to WordStream. The first is from 9 am to 11 am, where most workers and stay-at-home parents are taking a break after being done with difficult office tasks and household chores. The second is 8 pm to midnight where everyone is done with dinner and getting ready for bed. The third is 1 to 3 pm where users are looking for distractions after lunch. The last is 6 am, where half the user population is emailing in bed and getting ready for the day.

If these hours don’t work for you, research your users’ behaviors and create the best time to send newsletter for them. Adjusting to your subscribers’ routine is sure to get a higher click and open rates.


In email marketing, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Research data may tell that users are actively engaged during a specific day at a specific time. And using this information for your campaigns could either prove to be profitable or not.

It is highly recommended to do a little experiment to see if the mid-week days and the four-time periods really have a better click and open rates. If your charts prove that choosing these days and hours for marketing is effective, then set a schedule and be consistent in sending emails during these times.

However, if the information from CoSchedule and WordStream is wrong, make it your job to know your users’ daily and weekly routine. This can be done through surveys and feedback. Ask them when they want to receive emails and newsletters from you. Now that you know when is the best time to send your emails learn tips, tricks, and tools to increase your mailing list pool.

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