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What To Expect At The Apple’s WWDC 2015 | Moscone West, San Francisco

Apple Inc.’s World Wide Developers Conference kicks off today at Moscone West, San Francisco; running until June 12, 2015. While it is too late to book yourself a ticket to the conference, you still can catch the events unfolding live at

Please note that the live streams will only be available to viewers using Apple devices. If you are on a Windows PC, you will have to turn to the Safari browser to view the event. If you are watching on TV, it will only stream on the Apple TV via the WWDC channel.

The following are some of the things we speculate will be unveiled at this week’s WWDC 2015 event:

iOS 9

When Apple launched the iOS 8 at the WWDC 2014, the operating system came off to the end consumers not quite as they had expected. Having various bugs issues and taking up whole 2 GBs space on your devices. It failed to impress as was expected. However, it is believed Apple has been working on a workaround on the iOS 8 shortcomings to give you a mobile operation system that does not take up as much storage space and hopefully with less bugs. Additionally, in an attempt to out-do Google Now

, Apple is said to be working on better notification system that will be synchronized with your Calendar, Contacts, and Passbook. All to give you better-informed updates on your day and activities.

Apple Music

There will also be the launching of the new paid streaming service, Apple Music. Which will come in the form of a very key part of the new iOS 9; among the four apps located on the home screen, next to the Safari browser and Phone Mail app. With its $3.2 billion dollar acquisition of Beats Electronics, alongside with its pricey Beats headphones and streaming services, Apple wants to topple the music streaming industry leader, Spotify. Apple intends to disrupt the industry by carrying out heavy promotion campaigns coupled by featuring celebrity DJ content to attract more audience.

Despite Apple running its music streaming services for a while now, it has yet to take off given it only commands about 300,000 paying subscribers; compared to Spotify’s 15 million. Apple Music will also be going up against Tidal that is closely associated with US rapper Jay-Z. Tidal is a self-proclaimed first global music streaming services owned by artists.

Apple TV

There was much talk about Apple re-launching the Apple TV with an updated hardware, maybe a new remote control and even Siri integration. It has even been said that Apple is pushing for developers to make apps for the Apple TV. Talks aside, there are reports indicating that the Apple TV is not quite ready to be exhibited at the WWDC 2015. This was a big expectation, but who know, maybe Apple will re-launch its upgraded Apple TV today.

You can catch all the WWDC 2015 unfolding today at and get the first-hand information as it happens.

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