WhatsApp Web gets Picture-in-Picture Mode

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In case you are wondering what Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode means. Well, it is the feature that allows you to watch media links from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Instagram, without actually leaving your current platform.

That means you will no longer need to leave WhatsApp whenever someone sends you a link from YouTube, Facebook or any of the aforementioned sites. You simply click on the link, and a video player will open up and start playing the video.

The PiP feature was first availed on the mobile app WhatsApp, and now it is being availed on its desktop client. The links you receive will simply open as video window hovering over the chat window. Thus saving you the trouble and time to juggle between WhatsApp and whichever platform the video whose link you have been sent is hosted.

How to use Picture-in-Picture feature in WhatsApp

Assuming you are running the latest version of WhatsApp Web (version 0.3.1846). If you don’t have that version, you will have to wait until the update rolls out to your region.

Assuming you got version 0.3.1846, go to WhatsApp Web (web.whatsapp.com), and look for the blurred thumbnail in any of the shared video links. If the link appears as a blurred thumbnail, then it means you already have the PiP feature available on your account.

If you don’t get the blurred image, clicking the link will take you away from WhatsApp and into the native media app or open a browser to take you to the site where the video is being hosted.

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