Chrome Canvas, a new web app that lets you Doodle and Paint directly into your browser

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Google has uncustomarily released a new browser-based drawing app, Chrome Canvas, which enables you to doodle and sketch using realistic art media. The web app is available online at

Simply visit that site, ideally with a Chrome browser and begin sketching, doodling, and drawing away. The site gives you artistic tools including chalk, pencils, markers, and fountain pens. It also has an eraser for the times you make a mistake and need to erase it away.

All you need to use this tool is an internet connection and a browser. Having peripherals such as a stylus pen is an added advantage, but you can always find workarounds including using your own fingers. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to install any plugins or install any other downloads, and works on just about every operating system.

The Drawbacks

Well, the web app is quite useful. However, as most Google products are, they are quite a memory hungry. Then with Google, you just can’t be sure what data they might be harnessing from you. There are also other better web-based applications that can do the same.

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