You will no longer have YouTube access on your smart Sony Bravia TV post-September 30

You will no longer have YouTube access on your Smart Sony Bravia TV come Sept 30

If you are the type of YouTube ‘watcher’ that likes catching your latest episodes of funny cats viral videos on your smart TV. You are about to get a bit disappointed if you use a smart Sony Bravia TV.

Due to changes, YouTube made in the way its smart TV app handles uploads. Smart Sony Bravia TV sets made before 2012 will no longer be able to run the YouTube app. Sony itself has gone out to issue a press statement letting consumers know that by the end of September 30, smart Sony Bravia TVs will no longer support the YouTube app.

However, Sony also issued a list of 50 new smart Sony Bravia TV sets that will not be affected by the changes in YouTube. The company also stressed on the fact that the Sony Bravia TV sets that will not be supporting YouTube post-Sept 30th are not doing so out of a “failure” in the TV sets. Rather, because of unprecedented change in the way YouTube app works; changes, which Sony says were beyond “the capability of the TV’s hardware.”

Experts believe these changes are the result of Google’s recent decision to encrypt all connection to the video-sharing site. The act of encrypting and decrypting data in itself is a computation intensive process, which the Bravia TV sets cannot handle or cope with.

Already, there have been reported cases of smart Sony Bravia TV sets having trouble viewing videos on the YouTube app. The reports include cases of video streams freezing when played.

“Buy a dumb screen, and plug something smart into it.”

Now, imagine having spent as much as $30,000 for the one of those big (89-inched) smart Sony Bravia TV sets. Only to discover somewhere down the line, that it can no longer support certain apps. Sounds like a dumb way of spending money, right?

That is why James O’Malley from Gizmodo says, to avoid being on the losing end when changes come with these smart TV sets, “buy a dump screen, and plug something smart into it.” Well put, don’t you think?

You are better off buying a dumb TV, with good screen resolution and plug in something like the Chromecast, Firestick, or even get the Apple TV box to turn it into a Smart TV. Built-in smart capabilities in a TV could become obsolete very quickly, given the fast pace technology revolutions is taking place.

Damn Google, with its updates and upgrades. The wound on smart TV owners has not completely healed from Microsoft update in March this year, rendering many sets useless for Skype on TV.

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