Women Love Men with These Jobs on Tinder, According to Years of Data from the Dating App

Tinder has released data on the sexiest jobs in the world based the demand and preferences of users. According to the data, men in Australia are more likely to get right swiped if they are flight attendants. Women also go nuts for swimming coaches (the bad boy vibes are always loved by women).

Women also prefer students and college crew members on Tinder (trust me, just being a student won’t land you enough matches on Tinder).

Tinder also released data specifying jobs which are most preferred by women last year. According to that data, Pilots have the most chances of getting right swiped on Tinder, followed by entrepreneurs, firefighters, doctors and TV personalities. Guess what, college student is also on the list of the most in-demand jobs on Tinder. Tinder took the data based on the analysis of Tinder profiles from November 2015 through January 2016.

Doctor is also an attractive job for women.

But what if you are not in the top, hottest professions? Well, Tinder’s CEO has one simple advice: just be yourself.

But I’d say looks are important if you are trying to find love or hookups on Tinder. You need to work on your body and grooming if you want more matches on Tinder, because the app’s algorithm is mostly based on photos. Women don’t care much about the bio and text. You should add style and the element of chill in your looks and profile.

And show your passions, whatever they are. Women prefer those men who are different, cool and thrilling. Even if you don’t have a job that has the most chances of getting right-swiped, you should take pride in what you do, and be a fun guy.

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