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Women Techmakers Scholars Program now receiving applications from North America, Europe, Middle East, and North Africa

The Women Techmakers Scholars Program, previously known as the Anita Borg Scholarship, is now receiving applications from North America, Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. This program seeks to empower women from the said region into become experts in computing and technology fields. While also acting as role models and authoritative leaders in the industry to whom aspiring women in tech can look up to.

Successful applicants will all get a cash award for the

2019-2020 academic year. The receipients of the scholarships will be invited to attend the annual Women Techmakers Scholars’ Retreats where they will get to connect with other scholars. Also in attendance to the retreat will be other Googlers. The retreat will have several workshops.

Things will not end with the end of the retreat. Afterwards, there will be professional development and community outreach programs that will be continued. The Women Techmakers Scholars will also join a long term community of scholars program, where participants will share their resources, support, and collaborate on project for continued impact.

How to apply

Those in North America, click here to apply. Those in EMEA click here, to apply.

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