YouTube Live now support automatic captioning of live streaming videos

Google has added new features to YouTube Live to enrichments YouTuber engagements with his or her channel subscribers. The best of which is putting up live automatic captioning, something that will go a long way in making YouTube Live streams more accessible.

Live streaming is growing popular across most major social network platforms, and YouTube is fighting to become the defacto platform for all your live streams. They are therefore going around the clock to roll out features that will make it more rewarding for YouTuber to reach out to their audiences.

YouTube began auto-captioning the regular videos from since 2009. However, for live stream videos, the YouTubers have been providing the captioning by themselves. YouTube has now decided to step up and fill the void.

The company says its live automatic speech recognition (LASR) technology enables “error rates and latency approaching industry standards.”

YouTube as the roll our of auto-captioning for live streaming videos, they will next put all their efforts in improving the accuracy and latency.

Another new feature is the live chat replays to enable people watching recorded live stream videos to see the comments as they were being sent in when the video was airing live. However, if you hate reading comments while watching your video, you can always hide the comments.

YouTubers can now add location tags when streaming or uploading videos from mobile devices. Viewers will also have the option of finding videos from the same location by clicking the locations tags in the videos.

Lastly, YouTube has now support IFTTT for the Super Chats. Enabling creators to connect Supper Chats to their Internet-connected devices (IoT). This feature will enable users to, for example, turn off the lights in a room, and control any other IoT device in their network.

While YouTube’s new features don’t quite stand out individually, combined they signify the social network’s concerted effort to reassert itself as the go-to-place for videos and live streams. The social network has been receiving intense competition from the competition like Facebook Live and Periscope.

Milicent Atieno

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