3 Hiring Myths your Business can’t Afford to Believe

3 Hiring Myths your Business can’t Afford to Believe

Onboarding is the process of hiring new staff for your business. It’s right up there as one of the most critical tasks you can complete. Hiring the right candidates will ensure your business stays afloat thanks to all the talented minds supporting it. On the flip side, making the wrong hires will have the opposite effect!

There’s so much information on hiring employees that you’re bound to come across a few myths and lies. Believing these myths is dangerous as it can influence your decisions. Here are some of the biggest hiring myths you really can’t afford to fall for:

Myth 1: Computers can do all the work for you

The first myth is that you don’t need to hire anyone because computers and artificial intelligence will do all the work for you! This myth has some truth – various roles are occupied by technology instead of humans. However, a business will always need human beings to interact with customers and ensure technology is working correctly. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming you don’t need to hire anyone because you can run some software instead!

Myth 2: Hiring foreign workers is always cheaper

Business owners always look to offset hiring costs wherever possible. This is largely thanks to how expensive it is to hire someone. As a result, they turn to foreign workers as the stereotype is that they will work for less money. Realistically, this isn’t true. A foreign worker is unlikely to accept a smaller wage packet if they see coworkers earning more than them. Plus, you have to take into consideration any additional costs of bringing someone from a different country to work for you. You’ll likely need an immigration solicitor to sort out the paperwork and visa, so that’s an added cost. Hiring workers from different countries can be beneficial for the company culture as it brings in new talent with new ideas. However, if you’re doing it to save money, you’ll be bitterly disappointed. Also, there are many ethical concerns about hiring foreign workers just to save some cash.

Myth 3: Experienced candidates are always the best

Many job hunters struggle to find work because businesses only hire people with experience. It’s easy to think that the most experienced candidate will always be the best. They’ve done this job before, so they’re automatically better than someone that hasn’t. Naturally, this is not the case at all. For one, it doesn’t make sense. How do people become experienced? By getting hired when they’re inexperienced! You can miss out on some serious talent if you use experience as the defining factor. It can be significant – and it might help separate some candidates from others – but don’t discount someone just because they haven’t had as many jobs as someone else.

If you’ve believed these myths in the past, it may have led to some poor hiring choices. Well, now you know that they aren’t as accurate as they seem. Hopefully, this helps you make better hiring decisions to get a talented team under your belt.

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