5 Best Android Apps to Learn Guitar for Beginners

More and more people have started to learn musical instruments, especially guitar. If you want to learn how to play guitar, but don’t have the energy and time to get actual classes, you can use these great free apps to learn guitar.

Best Apps to Learn Guitar for Beginners


This is one of the best apps to learn guitar for beginners. It has hundreds of thousands of downloads and excellent reviews. You can practice hundreds of guitar chords in this app, use chord instances, learn songs and watch guitar tutorial videos.

Real Guitar

Real Guitar is a great app to learn guitar for beginners. The best part about this app is that if you don’t have a guitar yet, you can use this app and practice on it. This app is for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new guitar and want to first try how things turn out. Real Guitar app turns your smartphone into a guitar simulator. You can plan guitar strings, acoustics and much more with this app. You will, however, need a phone with multi-touch capabilities.

Guitar Lessons by Guitar Tricks

Guitar Lessons by Guitar Tricks is a great free Android app using which beginners can learn guitar by watching comprehensive lessons and guides. This app packs over 11,000 lessons for different guitar niches like rock, blues, country, metal, funk.  This app has a great feature called “Artist Studies” which explains the tips and tricks used by famous guitarists as case studies.

Perfect Ear

A lot of people who are interested in learning guitar don’t know the crucial importance of having great aural (listening skills) for guitar acoustics. The first filter and teacher is your ear, when it comes to learning music. Perfect Ear teaches you how to identify the best rhythms and tones. You will be able to learn about chord progressions and intervals using this app. Perfect Ear app also shows you how to tune your guitar for the best sounds. This is one of the best Android apps to learn guitar for beginners.


This is also a great free guitar learning app for Android. This app doesn’t use charts. It calculates and analyzes possible fingerings. You can search for different chords, split (like D/F#) and also use an intelligent keyboard in the app to enter the chord as it is written.

If you are wondering, on average, how long does one take to learn a guitar? Well, Instrumental Global, has the stats trying to answer that question at this link.

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