A Mini Guide to Attracting Social Media Followers

Biggest Social Media Trends for 2020 To Get Prepared For

If you want to generate website traffic, improve your brand’s credibility, and grow your annual revenue, you must take the time to develop a killer social media marketing strategy.

Believe it or not, many prospective customers may review your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profiles before they decide to buy from your brand. If you have next to no followers, they’ll be less likely to purchase your goods and services.

To create a profile that has thousands of people following your brand throughout the year, read these proven tactics for attracting social media followers.

Follow Real People

Rather than following the first profiles you find on the likes of Instagram and Twitter, take the time to follow real people’s accounts. It will increase the likelihood of them not only following you back but engaging with your posts and buying your products.

However, you must ensure your profile is 100% complete and your feed features relevant, valuable posts to match their needs. Remember, visuals are important, so take the time to publish striking images that are the correct size for a social media network.

For example, if you’re using a high-quality image from your website, you might need to use a resize photo tool to ensure it looks great on a Facebook or Instagram post.

Reshare Others’ Posts

Prove to potential followers and customers you’re not a bot by resharing others’ posts. It will help you to remain active on social media while proving you provide helpful or entertaining content. You also should add an opinion or remark to provide context to your post, and you could even increase engagement and credibility by tagging the original publisher.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality is key when attempting to grow your social media followers. While some platforms will require you to publish frequently to develop a strong presence, others will value relevant, high-quality content over self-serving posts and clickbait.

While frequent posting might serve you well on the likes of Twitter, it could lead to you annoying your existing followers and deterring others from engaging with your brand. Maintain a presence on the platforms; however, don’t overdo it or it could cause your follower count to dwindle.

Research and Use Hashtags

Using hashtags could help a social media user to find your content, which they might never have found without your help. However, you would be smart to double-check the meaning of each hashtag you plan to use, as it could have an alternative meaning that could damage your company’s reputation.

Partner with Non-Competing Brands

Grow your reach by partnering with various non-competing brands. For example, you could both publish joint content and social media campaigns that feature each other. It could help you to grow your followers, tap into a new audience, and increase your annual revenue.

Attracting many social media followers can take a great deal of time, perseverance, and hard work. The above tips can, however, speed up the process and help you to enjoy long-lasting growth and a stronger reputation.


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