How to Add Photos to iOS Contacts by Syncing them with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

How to Add Photos to iOS Contacts by Syncing them with Social Media

The grey–circled contacts don’t look impressive at all for your contacts in iPhones. You can add pictures from your social media to your contacts. If you have plenty of contacts, then adding their pictures manually from social media would become a hectic activity. There must be some method to automate this mechanism. Contact Pics+ serves this purpose very well to sync Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter photos with iOS contacts.

Contact Pics+ scans through the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Image Search, and others for finding images. Once it finds a bunch of photos for your contacts, you can choose the precise one that you would like to apply to your contact.

The app costs just $1.99 which is really nothing when you consider its function. It is highly unlikely that you would need contact pictures again once you have imported them. After all, you can always update the photos of new contacts when you add them. You must now allow adding too many contacts without their photos.

The app is very easy to deal with. The interface is simple and pleasing on the eyes with purplish background. You will get the value of your money when the tool quickly adds photos to your contacts.

Contact Pics+ is really a worth checking tool if you have a large group of contacts. Be sure to try Contact Pics+ to sync Facebook, Instagram and Twitter photos with iOS contracts.


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