Ads will start showing up in between your WhatsApp Status come next year

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Ever since Facebook bought WhatsApp, we all knew it was going to find a way to ruin the experience the app gives us. Though they haven’t done it as fast as we thought since up to now, we haven’t seen ads on the platform.

But that is not to say they haven’t already begun monetizing the app. Well, WhatsApp for Business. A pay-to-use tool for businesses to communicate with their clients over WhatsApp. Come 2020, Facebook wants to monetize the app all the way, by showing up ads on the platform.

WhatsApp Status Ads

Next year, you will be seeing advertisement interludes in between the Status updated by your contacts. Facebook made the announcement during a conference held recently in the Netherlands.

Though there was no announcement on the specific date, one thing is for certain. WhatsApp will not go through the entire 2020 without raking in big dollars to Facebook from advertisers. The ads will be more or less like what you see on Instagram Stories.

I know you’re disappointed but things could have gone a whole lot worse

I know it sucks to see ads interludes in between seeing your contacts WhatsApp status updates. But think about it, things could have been worse. Say, for instance, what if the ads were to be added as banner ads or promoted businesses appearing in your WhatsApp contact lists in the chat menu. That would really suck, won’t it?

At least this way, you can choose to avoid the ads some of the time, when you are not interested in viewing people’s WhatsApp Status updates. Then again, it could have been worser off for some people if Facebook required us to pay to continue using the IM app.

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