Apple ups the iPhone cellular download limit to 200 MB from the previous 150 MB limit

apple iphone ipad cellular limit

If there any piece of technology that is so ‘uptight’ that would be an iPhone. That is why to me, Android beats iPhone any day and any model. I see my friends struggling with simple things like adding new songs from a computer to their phone. We (Android fans) simply just Bluetooth that hit up into our phone, and in no time we pumping our head to the jam.

But noooo, with an iPhone, first you got to get a Mac computer, launch iTunes, then transfer the song to the phone. Those steps get even more if you own a PC, and you will be out of luck if it is not a Windows computer; Linux folks are just screwed.

Then to show the height of ‘uptightness,’ that is Apple, your phone will not allow you download a game (or app) that is over 150 MB in size on your mobile data plan. And these days, iPhone fans say things have gotten better. Up to until September 2017, you could not download anything over 100 MB on cellular data.

The reason behind it; Apple is protecting you from maxing out your metered mobile data plan. So now, that limit has been upped from 150 MB to 200 MB, because Apple is so nice that it thinks you need training wheels and speed governor on your own phone.

As an Android user, I do partly do see the sense in the self-imposed cap on cellular download on iPhones and iPad. But that does not make it any less ridiculous that Apple didn’t see it fit to simply warn you; you have exceeded certain limits and you will probably drive your phone bill up.

Apple should have placed a warning when what you are downloading will exceed, say the new 200 MB limit, but still give you the option to continue if you want. Not just barring you completely if you are on cellular data and instruct you to look for a Wi-Fi connection.

So good news to iPhone and iPad fans, you can download apps and/or games from the App Store with size up to 200 MB. The previous limit of 150 MB has been upped now. That still sounds ridiculous for someone like me on Android.

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