Best New Android and iOS Apps You Should Check

Apps are rolling in and it’s about time we update you with the best new gems that have come to the app stores of Android and iPhone. Let’s take a look at the some of the best new Android and iPhone apps.

Colorfy (iOS)

Coloring apps are fun, but most of the times they are for kids. But Colorfy is a different app. It has advanced yet easy to learn and fun coloring and painting tools which you can use to create artistic masterpieces. You can color in set patterns or create new shapes. Colorfy is for iPhone and available for free.

Gaddr Feeds (Android
, iOS)

Most of us have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the list goes on. It’s quite time consuming and stressful to keep all your profiles updated, and interact with your friends at every platform. With Gaddr Feeds, you can combine all these platforms at one and see all the content, status updates, checkins, photos and every update from every social media at one place.

Amaze (iOS)

Want to make quick memes by writing some simple text on a funny images? This app is for you. Amaze app lets you quickly jot down text on any image and share on social media to garner all the likes and attention you want.

Low Carbohydrates Diet Calculator (iOS, Android)

Now this is the kind of app which is really useful and gets work done. In weight loss, the most important and crucial thing is diet. And if you want to lose weight, you better stay away from carbohydrates for good. Because they don’t let your body burn fat and give it all the energy from instant glucose. Carbohydrates calculator has millions of foods stores in it. So you can know the cars in foods which you are eating. You can also scan any product’s barcode with this app and it will tell you how many the product has.

Mike Jumps (iOS)

Mikey Jumps is a new addictive jumping game in which  you can make a weird little guy Mikey to jump, fly and flip while collecting coins. The controls of this game are awesome and it has all the ingredients that make it a new addictive iPhone game.

ActionDirector Video Editor (Android)

We have all the photo editors in the world in the play store, but there is a real shortage of good video editors. ActionDirector is a great video editing Android app in which you can quickly edit your video clips. You can crop, increase and decrease speed, revamp frames, add text, edit audio clips and do much more with your videos with this video editor.

Cosmolander (iOS)

We need to add tech and fun in our education if we really want our kids to learn and sustain knowledge. Cosmolander is a great app which is designed for kids and adults so that they could easily learn about our wonderful Solar system. The app shows the solar system, galaxies, planets and everything in it in a great colorful and fun way which helps in learning stuff in an easy way.


Fahad Saleem

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