Best Wallpapers for iPhone 6 Plus [With Download Links]

iPhone users find it quite difficult to download a perfect wallpaper for their iPhone. The users always want it to be rich, bold and crisp. So, here are the best wallpapers for iPhone 6 Plus that you can download.

Building Brick Wall

A rich, fancy and orthodox looking wallpaper which can be the best wallpaper for iPhone 6 plus.

I Lost Myself in You

If you love reading, then, this wallpaper is made for you. A dark colored wallpaper with a stack of books.

Road to Heaven

For the deep thinkers, road to heaven has a powerful impact which would surely give the feeling of a road to heaven.

Landscape City Building

This one of the best wallpapers for iPhone 6s plus is an aerial view of New York City from a tilted view.

Cool Clouds

A mesmerizing wallpaper of cool blue clouds which will make you feel like you are on cloud nine.

Mountain Landscape Night Sky

A view of bright star lit sky and snow-capped peaks make this wallpaper one of the best wallpapers for iPhone 6 plus.

Red Purple Pattern

This wallpaper portrays a well-made and a sophisticated design that will look great on your iPhone 6 plus for sure.

Mountain Earth

Mountain Earth is a wallpaper for people who admire nature and the philosophical messages that nature can have for us.

V for Vendetta

If you want a dark wallpaper with dark colors and dark theme then do download this one of the best wallpapers for iPhone 6s plus.

Catholic Church

This wallpaper is a representation of an eminent architecture with a black and white color blend. It will attract you whether you are religious or not.

Halloween Pumpkin

This is a seasonal and spooky wallpaper. It will make your iPhone 6s plus more Halloween friendly.

Black and White Circuit

For all the engineers, this is a tech-based wallpaper which portrays an electrical circuit in black and white.


In this one of the best wallpapers for iPhone 6s plus, orange-red maple leaves are shown which depict the autumn season.


This best wallpaper for iPhone 6s plus is a reminder of the fact that our planet Earth is the most appealing celestial body in the universe.

Flower Garden Painting

It is adapted from a painting that will definitely embellish the screen of your iPhone 6s plus.

Hot Air Balloons

The barren landscape with bright and colorful hot air balloons certainly makes this the best wallpaper for iPhone 6s plus.

Space Shuttle Launch

If you are captivated by the space technology, then, Space Shuttle Launch wallpaper is a great manifestation of it.

Guitar and Amplifier

Guitar and Amplifier is one of the best wallpapers for iPhone 6s plus users that love music. The music instruments are arranged such that it would focus on your iPhone 6s plus screen.

Rainbow Towns

This one of the best wallpapers for iPhone 6s plus portrays world’s most picturesque location. A perfect combination of rainbow, mountains and small clutter of houses.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a famous place in San Francisco, California which depicts the engineering marvel and well surely make a perfect wallpaper.

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