Disappearing Instagram Live Video and Messages coming to an Instagram account near you

Disappearing Instagram Live Video and Messages coming to an Instagram account near you

Mark Zuckerberg and team are hell-bent on getting you glued to your smartphone using videos. In addition to the Facebook Live and Messenger, Zuckerberg and team have announced the launch of live videos and messages on Instagram.

These new Instagram features combine the best of Snapchat and Periscope, making you bond with your camera. But in a way that does not overlap with Facebook Live and Messenger. With Instagram, the live videos and messages come with a new spin.

Instagram Live enables you broadcast videos in real time to your followers. However, unlike Facebook Live, your followers on Instagram will only watch your live video only for as long as you will be streaming. Once you are done with streaming, your follower will not get the option of replaying the video you streamed live.

Users will get the option to browse for live videos currently being made by people they are following using a special algorithm especially created for this purpose. When you don’t feel like sharing with all your follower those doodles and text-covered Instagram Stories post. Then you can send it as a Direct message to a couple of your closest friend. However, they will get to watch it a maximum of two times, more than that the picture evaporates.

These features have begun rolling out on iOS devices. Android devices are set to receive the update over the next few coming weeks. With Meerkat being dead, buried, and forgotten. Social media users looking for live streaming option have Periscope and Facebook Live, can now have Instagram Live as well.

With Instagram Live, your live streams disappear immediately you stop streaming. This feature could get more people broadcasting more often, instead of having to save the capacity for live streaming until the big event. It is also believed that the disappearing videos will prompt more people to engage more actively, as the option of replay, later on, will not be available.

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