Facebook Knows You Better Than Your Closest Friends: Study Claims


Facebook Knows You Better Than Your Closest Friends: Study Claims

In the movie “Her”, Joaquin Phoenix’s character falls in love with his PC’s operating system. With the help of advanced machine learning, the PC seems to know him better than anyone else. This movie shows the future of human reliance on technology that may not be too far according to study from researchers of University of Cambridge and Stanford University. Their results indicate that Facebook is better in understanding the personalities of people than even their closest friends, their spouses, and even themselves.

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The study undertaken by researchers compared the “Likes” of people with their answers for a questionnaire related to personality. The study also considered the answers provided by the friends and family members of the people. The results were quite surprising that Facebook seemed to know people better than their closest buddies.

These are extremely surprising findings. Humans contain inherent property to understand each others’ feelings, emotions, thinking etc that allows them to intermingle with each other and make strong relationships. The results of the study show that Facebook is better equipped for understanding human behavior than the persons with whom they interact.

The researchers found that the information from just 10 Facebook “Likes” could easily outsmart peoples’ families, and with 300 “Likes”, Facebook could even surpass Spouse of the person in knowing him well.

The most surprising element of the research is that Facebook could even beat the answers of the subjects also. The researchers found that people tend to present themselves in a positive way while answering questionnaire. On the other hand, their “Likes” expose them completely.

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