Fix PC Recognizes Nexus But Can’t Access Files, Storage for Data Transfer

Nexus is the Google’s Android phone line which is highly famous among users because of its sleek design, Android updates and solid hardware. A lot of Nexus 6, Nexus 5 and other Nexus model users have faced a problem while transferring data to and from their mobile devices to their laptop or PC. It seems PC is not able to recognize Nexus when you connect our phone with it, but the device is nowhere to be found in the devices section. When you go to My Computer, or My PC or related sections in Mac, there is no Nexus device. In this article, I will tell you how to fix PC recognizes Nexus but then can’t access my storage in Nexus issue.

USB Mode, Developers Option

It is absolutely necessary to enable the USB selection mode in your Android device first, otherwise the computer will not detect the device. In order to do that, go to Settings ->Storage -> Menu in the upper right corner of the screen and then MTP must be enabled in the USB Computer Connection. If you don’t see the option, it means the developer options must be enabled. Check this article of mine to see how to enable it. After enabling Developer options, go to Developer Settings -> USB-Configuration (should be under the Network section). Set USB configuration to MTP.

Try Disabling USB Debugging Mode

If you have enabled USB debugging mode in your phone, you must know that it must be disabled first in order for you to see your device in your computer. I explained how to turn on and off USB debugging mode in this article.

Update Drivers from Control Panel Android ADB

You must have the necessary software in your computer to pick up the Nexus device. Having a device and a computer is not enough to transfer data in between them. Connect Nexus device with your computer and then go to Control Panel-> Device Manager and then head over to Android ADB. Right click on this option and then select “Update device Software”. Now click on “Browse your Computer for driver Software”. Hit “Let me Pick from a list of device drivers on my Computer”. Click Next, for the device list shown.

If you don’t see the ADB option, you must be getting the MTP option. Use that to get the updates.

Use AirDroid

If you want to avoid the hassle of suffering from the complexities of drivers, software updates, Developers options etc, use Air Droid, the best way to transfer files from your Android phone to computer and vice versa. It is available as apps for Android, iPhone, Chrome and also as a desktop version.

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