Gmail Will Now Include Spam Folder When You’re Searching For Missing Emails

Gmail Will Now Include Spam Folder When You’re Searching For Missing Emails

Emails have become an important part of modern day communications. The longer you use your email account, the more tons of emails you will keep getting. The problem is, sometimes most of the emails you get are junk mail; from that software registration, that online service you used a long time ago, the email marketers. The list goes on and on.

Thankfully, email service providers gave us a life saver, the ‘Spam’ button that you can easily push and never have to deal with emails from a particular group of senders. Sometimes out of our fault in being too quick to hit the spam button, or the system being biased against particular types of email senders it automatically spams emails even before you consent. Thus, we do miss out on emails that we need to see.

So you’re sited there looking for at your inbox searching for a very important email, which the sender confirms they sent you that email. You swear you cannot see the said email, and then fears of your account having been hacked starts creeping in. Previously if you used the search box on Gmail to find the said email, Google would index all your inbox including all the myriad of folders you have created except for the Spam folder.

If you are the type to stop there and send an email or call the sender that their supposed email never got to you. You stand the risk of letting the sender know that you have spammed his or her email address, which could ruin the cordial relationship you two enjoy. An experienced email user will make sure to do a manual search in the spam folder, as sometimes missing emails are not missing but have been spammed. Either by you or the system automatically did so without your consent.

Now, Google has made some changes in how the search feature on Gmail indexes inbox folders to include the Spam folder. You would think this is a feature that should have been there right all along, but guess what! Google previously didn’t feel the need to search through your Spam folder when you run a search on your Gmail account.

Google announced this update on the Google Apps update alerts blog spot. If you think of just how many times you have stressed over finding a missing email, even going further to throw some curse words. You will wonder why Google has waited that long to index the spam folder when you’re running a search for a missing emails on your Gmail account.

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