Google, WhatsApp, and Safaricom being sued by a Kenya Politician

google whatsapp safaricom john mututho kenya

John Mututho, a Kenyan politician, is suing Google, WhatsApp, and local telecom Safaricom for defamation.

Mututho’s lawyers, Kithi and Company Advocates, are taking legal action against the three companies alongside some social media influencers in Kenya, namely; Elijah Kinyanjui, Alice Muchiri, Steve Gitukia, Detective Sue, and Sir Paul Ndirangu.

Mututho claims, the accused persons “maliciously originated rumors of a confidential transaction,” which cause damage to his reputation. The following is a photo of the document Mututho’s lawyer presented to the court that was obtained by iFreedoms.

According to this lawsuit, WhatsApp comes into the picture since it was the platform through with Mututho’s M-Pesa transaction was shared. As for Google, only Mututho’s lawyers know how the search engine comes into this crime scene.

So far, there are no reports that any of the companies have responded to this lawsuit, but there is no denying it is a controversial case nonetheless.

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