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How to Solve Not Getting Sound notifications for Facebook in Galaxy S9

Updating the mobile phones to Pie has brought various cool features and along with them users have reported some issues that require solutions. One of the issues that users are worried of, is that the notification sounds for Facebook in Samsung

Galaxy S9 are barely audible now. All the other apps are working fine, and their volumes can be adjusted except Facebook. This issue is discussed on various forums and people have suggested solutions that worked for them. In this article, we mention some of the solutions that you can use to solve the problem. Below are following:
  • Try to uninstall the Facebook application and install it again. It will solve the issue of sound notifications. If you are unable to uninstall the app then disable and update the application.
  • Try Ringtone Maker
    application to adjust the level on any sound file higher. You can also copy it to the Windows, Mac or Linux PC and use Audacity to do the same thing.
  • Open the Facebook application and go to Settings & Privacy > Notifications > Push > Tone. Here, you can select what sound you want it to make.
  • Clear the cache and data files of the Facebook app. After that, reboot and wipe the cache for the phone.
Fahad Saleem

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