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What Social Media Sites Do College Students Use Most?

Ever since adolescents across the world discovered the raving convenience that virtual communication features, the popularity of social media has skyrocketed. These super-hip and ultra-handy web communication channels have been gradually taking over the traditional means of conversing and exploring the world. Indeed, people will tackle social networking services not only for communication but also for getting the knowledge they need. Through social media, college students get to know about many trustworthy academic services like EssayBulls, paying for an essay online.

Despite the overwhelming abundance of social media platforms today, picky college daredevils favor only the coolest and time-proven ones. And finding out what exactly social networking services catch on with today’s centennials seems to be quite relevant based on this trending IT phenomenon. When assessing what social media platforms are chosen most frequently by students, we used the results of the Pew Research Center survey conducted recently. So, let’s get our social networking parade started!

1. Facebook

It wasn’t until 2004 that people were given an actual “parallel reality” that can mirror their lives and personalities. This pioneering social network turned the digital world upside down with its innovative approach to helping people lead a virtual life. As Facebook infiltrated students’ habitat, they started bringing their lives and habits onto the web canvas by creating virtual identities within a neat and multi-functional account.

Today, the Facebook service remains the most used and acknowledged social network of the IT-fueled world. There’s hardly any young adult who lacks a Facebook account and abstains from telling the world what thrilling event they visited the other day or how exquisite the meal they just had at some Chinese restaurant was.

2. Instagram

While Facebook is perfect for making posts and participating in group communities, Instagram appeals most to those crazy about sharing their experiences through photographs. This social

network welcomes the formidable admirers of taking pictures and selfies and comes down to an orderly display of users’ cherished images of whatever caught their eye: a picturesque sunset in the city suburbs, that same delicious Chinese concoction, or the reflection of their beloved selves in the bathroom mirror.

Inspired by the novelty to capture every single thing worthy of attention, college kids will sometimes go too far with updating their Insta pals on how brilliantly they slide through their lives and let their Instagram obsession hold sway over them. This fatal attraction may go to such extremes as to drive its users to buy a high-end lipstick for the sole aim of taking a viral selfie or encouraging them to run in the mornings just for the sake of showing off their branded sneakers and a new Apple watch.

3. Snapchat

This impactful and enjoyable application revolutionized the way social media function

within mobile software. Snapchat’s primary focus on fancy stickers and augmented reality objects captivates creative and cheerful users, offering them a joyous experience of chatting with their friends. Originally, Snapchat was centered on providing users with person-to-person picture sharing but was later upgraded with broader functionality, which earned the app-wide recognition and high ratings.

4. Twitter

Twitter, the bird-inspired social networking service is a must-have for users looking for some platform to share their reflection on whatever they think worth some heed. Twitter enables its users to express their thoughts via “tweets,” posts containing the messages created. This social medium is credited with giving a start to the hashtag craze, which originally served for indicating the keywords of a “tweet.”

5. YouTube

Originally conceived as a video-sharing website, this service rapidly evolved to become one of the trending platforms millions of students are now using for blogging and exchanging their video files. YouTube has gained universal acclaim for giving users the platform for making some good money as well as asserting themselves as creative broadcasters in their private channels. Myriads of college kids boast pretty adequate income they get from their YouTube blogs, demonstrating that this social network service goes far beyond just a video platform and can be used as a genuine source of promoting your business.

The Bottom Line

Social networking has inevitably established itself as an unparalleled and highly advantageous way of expanding students’ social and intellectual boundaries. This forward-looking practice provides them with innovative opportunities to communicate, self-educate, and entertain themselves. There’s only one challenging thing you should keep in mind when plunging into your social media accounts. These virtual projections of your life will never be good enough to substitute for your tangible experiences to remember, which are easy to turn on once the “black mirror” in front of you goes off.

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