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How to Upload Videos, Photos from Camera Roll to Snapchat Stories or Send as Snaps to Friends

A lot of people have asked how to upload videos and photos directly from camera roll to Snapchat stories. If you don’t want to use Snapchat camera and want to upload videos and photos from your camera roll to send them to your friends as Snaps or add them to stories, this article is for you.

Upload Videos and Photos to Snapchat Stories from Camera Roll

Using Snapchat Memories

Perhaps the best way to upload videos and photos to Snapchat stories from camera role is to use the “Memories” feature. Memories feature allows you to upload photos and videos from your camera roll. This lets you upload and send previously recorded photos to your Snapchat friends and stories. You won’t need to record video or take photos from Snapchat camera.

Launch Snapchat camera tab. Now tap the small circle showing below the camera button.

You will see a new tab called Memories. You will notice three options here: Snaps, Camera Roll and My Eyes Only. Just switch over to the Camera Roll tab. Now, Snapchat will ask you to allow it to access your camera roll. After allowing access, select any photo or video from your camera roll to upload it on Snapchat stories or send to specific people. You can edit your photos and videos before uploading or sending.

It is important to note that if you want to upload a photo or videos directly from your camera roll to Snapchat stories, you can just tap the menu icon on the top right corner when in the editing mode and select “Create Story from this Photo/Video”. This option will let you select multiple photos and videos to create a story. These items will come in your memories tab. You can upload and publish these stories by pressing and holding on these stories.

Using a Third Party App

Even though third party apps aren’t recommended to be used with Snapchat quite often, there are a few apps which could help you upload videos and photos to Snapchat stories from your camera roll. One such app to upload photos and videos from camera roll is Snap Save Upload. This app has some amazing reviews on iOS and Android. However, it is important to note that this app costs about $5 if you want to use it hassle-free.

You could simply select any photos or video from your camera roll and upload on your Snapchat stories without any problem. In order to upload photos from Snapchat, just tap the gallery option, or tap any photo and select the share option.

Sending Videos and Photos to Specific People

Another useful way to upload videos and photos to your Snapchat stories is to use manual send option. Just select the person you want to send a video or photo and tap on the gallery button. You will be able to send any photo or video.

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