Microsoft’s $1,399 Surface Duo to have a Single-Use Pricy Bumper Case

October last year, Microsoft promised to launch a new Surface phone. That came to pass in August, and the Redmond-tech giant launched the Surface Duo phone. The device is a foldable device with a 5.6-inch display when folded up, and twice the screen when opened up—more details on this phone on our previous blog.

The entry-level version of this device starts at $1,399. That is quite pricey by all standards, but Microsoft argues that at that price, you get not just a smartphone but also a tablet. That is when folded up and unfolded up, respectively. The device, being a smartphone, comes with a SIM card.

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The Surface Duo Bumper Case

Looking at the starting price of this device, you can imagine how careful you will need to be while using it. Like other smartphone and tablet devices, people have come accustomed to wrap them inside bumper cases. These accessories help the device survive the occasional accidental falls, scratches on surfaces, and fingerprint smudges.

The Surface Duo bumper case will have an adhesive gluing it to the device. Also, the bumper case will also cover the SIM-card slot. That means that if you ever have to replace your SIM-card, you will have to peel off the bumper case from the device. And it will be the last time you will ever remove the case from the device.

Each time you change your SIM card, you will have to go for a new bumper case for your Surface Duo device. That might sound fun if you think of it along the lines of having a new shade of color each time you replace the Surface Duo bumper case. We have since established the case will come in a range of colors.

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Pre-Order yours now

However, the bumper case cost a whopping $40. So yes, you will have to part with $40 each time you have to remove the Surface Duo case to access the SIM card, perhaps. If you are okay with that price point, you can begin pre-ordering the device from the Microsoft Store.

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