Netflix will soon allow you Slow Down or Speed Up Video Playback speed


If you ask me what is the latest hit series out there. I’d say, right now, it is Money Heist. Although word has it, Netflix has commissioned its fifth and final season. But I didn’t like the TV series from the word go. In fact, I struggled to watch season one and never thought I’d continue watching the successive seasons. I was only later drawn back, because of words on the streets; people were talking about it.

The Problem on Netflix just go fixed

The reason I struggled with season one, is because the film is recorded in Spanish. The one I was watching had English subtitles, and not English voice over. The events on the film were moving fast, so the subtitles kept changing quicker than I could read the complete sentences.

Aargh, at that point I was simply got bored. I found myself having to pause or rewind the film just to read the entire sentences. That makes it quite a hustle to watch the film. It was only in season two to four that I got the English voice-over versions.

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Going by the company’s official survey. It appears not so many viewers out there are fast readers. Then again, readers are not exactly fans of watching. They would rather read a book version than watching it on TV. In the Netflix survey, a lot of viewers have been requesting the streaming platform to add a feature to slow-down or speed-up playback speeds.

Slow-Down/Speed-Up Feature coming to Netflix

With this feature, slow readers can slow down the video playback speeds. So they can have enough time to read through the subtitles before the sentences change. Faster readers can also speed things up, so the subtitles change fast enough for their liking.

Come to think of it, the DVD players and DVRs have always had this feature. So, why did the world forget about this feature when they decided buying physical DVDs was too ‘caveman’ for today’s digital man?

Fix No Video Only Audio Netflix

Well, at least Netflix has revisited the issue and brought it back to our new streaming lifestyle. Just like the old DVDs, you will soon have the option of controlling playback speeds on Netflix. Speed it up if you want to ‘whoosh’ through the film; especially ideal when re-watching. Slow it down if you can’t keep up with the speed at which the subtitles keep changing.

Netflix says that in their survey, “perceptions of the content’s quality” are not affected by the playback speeds. Though I don’t imagine content creators being pleased with the idea viewers can simply skim through the entire video if they want.

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