OnePlus 5T and Xiaomi Mi A1 emit the most Smartphone Radiation says this report

OnePlus 5T and Xiaomi Mi A1 emit the most Smartphone Radiation says this report.001

According to the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, the Xiaomi Mi A1 and the OnePlus 5T emit the most radiation in the world from the bunch of smartphones they tested.

No doubt this report will be a damning one to the two brands and spark off yet another round of public safety with these electronic devices that are being churned out in their thousands into the world. Cheap smartphones from China are easily finding their way to developing countries especially in Africa where such radiation watchdog is not as vigilant.

Xiaomi Mi A1

OnePlus 5T

African governments most certainly need to have the debate on the public safety of the numerous cheap electronic devices being shipped into their respective countries. In addition to putting in place suitable measures to ensure international best practice and standards are being adhered.

Statista went ahead and compile the report on radiation into an easy-to-read graphics showing the most radiation and the least radiation smartphone models. Alongside putting stats on each device’s respective absorption rate.

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