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Opera pulls yet another first, A Browser with in-built Cryptocurrency Wallet

Opera browser has effectively become the first major browser to integrate cryptocurrency wallet. A move that will make crypto users negate the use of third-party browser extensions and other applications that serve the same purpose.

The company (Opera Software) says it has adopted a high level of security in the crypto wallet to ensure users don’t lose their crypto, privacy, and personal data.

The cryptocurrency wallet is available across the mobile and desktop version of the browser.

The Android version of the browser was the first to get the feature (which rolled out in June this year). The desktop browser only recently got the feature, and the two browsers (desktop and mobile) automatically synchronize a user’s activities on the crypto wallet.

On mobile,

the Opera crypto wallet uses the user’s fingerprint scanner to authenticate a transaction. Rather than having the user type out a long string of passphrase. Since it is not only cumbersome to type in such a long and complicated string of passphrase but also it can be easily forgotten.

After making crypto payments smooth and easy on mobile, we wanted to find the perfect solution for PCs,” said Krystian Kolondra, the EVP at Opera. “We realized the best way is to utilize our new mobile crypto wallet technology and to give our PC users access to it.”

Opera has been taking big steps towards blockchain and distributed apps (dubbed Web 3.0) technology. All of which are not yet mainstream, but well on their way to getting there. By adding these feature on its platform early, it is positioning itself to be at the center of future-proof browsers and hopefully at the heart of people who adopt these new generation technologies.

Our next aim is to make crypto-integration mainstream. We believe blockchain technology has the power to transform the web of tomorrow and expect it to make a big difference in the years to come.” Added Kolondra.

Felix Omondi

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