Recover Files from SD Card in Different Situations

The SD card in the digital camera, Android phone, car digital video recorder, can extend the mobile devices’ memory capacity. If the photos on SD card are gone, or when you realize you cannot access the important images, videos, and other documents in the SD card, you need to get the data back as soon as possible. This article focuses on how to rescue your files in different cases using free SD card recovery software.


The above images show 3 types of SD cards, namely standard SD cards, mini SD cards, and micro SD cards. SD card slots.  Insert the SD card to a card reader, afterward attach the card reader to your Windows computer, and you could view the stored files. In the situation that your computer doesn’t have a card reader, you will need to buy an external adapter that connects via USB.

Making a data backup on a regular basis and is a good habit to avoid data loss. However, many people realize that they did not back up the files beforehand till they lose their important file on the SD card, even worse, only a few users know if whether the lost files are recoverable or not.

For over a decade, MiniTool Software company has been developing excellent data recovery solutions, partition management (MiniTool Partition Wizard), data backup and restore tools to users from 180+ countries. MiniTool software products have got featured by plenty of high-authority technology news sites, for example, PCWorld, Tech Advisor, TheWindowsClub, CNET, Softpedia, CCM, LifeWire, etc.

Their flagship product MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help you quickly analyze the direct causes of file loss, scan your videos, music, photos and many other types of documents in the SD card and restore them. You do not need to be an IT specialist to recover data from your SD card in various scenarios, please read on to get more information.

What are the Common Reasons for SD Card File Loss?

The followings are some factors that cause data loss on your SD card. 

People wrongly delete or format some files on the SD card, or bend the SD card heavily.

Viruses and malware are potential, big threats facing the data security of your SD cards. 

The improper use of the device may result in some fault and even cause you to lose all the images, slides, videos, and other files that are stored on the SD card.

You will lose all your files if you format the SD card by mistake. 

If you spill water and corrosive liquid (such as the seawater) on the SD card, that may lead to damage to the SD card. Subsequently, you can’t access the data any longer.

A power outage may cause the unsaved files to get lost and existing files to get corrupted when you are using the SD card on the computer.

An SD Card Data Recovery Software that You May Need

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a professional and easy-to-use solution for Windows users to recover important, personal data from SD card. Besides, it will assist you in getting back files from nearly any kind of data storage devices, including HDD, SSD, external hard drive, pen drive, memory card, etc. The software can cater to the needs for both novice user and advanced users to easily retrieve files from an SD card. 

Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery and you will see 4 data recovery modes (see picture below).


1.“This PC” is used most because it is designed to recover the deleted files or lost documents from logically damaged, formatted, or RAW partition in storage devices.

2.“Removable Disk Drive” is useful if you want to get your photos, movies and other files back from digital devices, such as SD cards, USB flash drives,  memory cards, pen drives etc.

3.“Hard Disk Drive” mode is mainly used after you encounter a system update, hard drive failure or OS corruption, and need to restore documents from the lost partitions.

4.“CD/DVD Drive” data recovery mode is used when users want to retrieve  the files that are lost or deleted from the lightly damaged and scratched CDs or DVDs.

If you want to use the this free SD card recovery software to retrieve data from your SD card, simple click on “Removable Disk Drive” or “This PC”. If you drive is divided into several partitions, you are expected to choose “Removable Disk Drive” mode because it will begin to scan the whole drive at the same time. For those who want to rescue file in the memory card, the Removable Disk Drive recovery mode is the most convenient choice.

Only 3 Simple Steps to Recover Files from Your SD Card

1)Insert your SD card into a card reader and connect it to your computer, and then follow the guide.

2) Launch MiniTool Power Data Reovery software, click the ”Removable Disk Drive” on the left hand of the main UI, afterward, select the target drive to start the document scanning process.

3)  From the scan results, check if the software has listed all the files you want to recover from the SD card, if so, click the ”Save” icon to choose a path to store your files.




There are three important things you should pay attention to.

 To make sure that you know which files need to be recover, this software has a preview feature for you to preview up to 70 types of files in the scanning results. 

The Type and Find options of this software is very helpful when you need to locate specific files in each folder faster.

When you choose where to save your needed files, remember NOT select the original SD card as the destination storage location. If the lost/deleted files are overwritten by the recovered files, they will become unrecoverable permanently.

Some Situations Where SD Card Data Recovery is Necessary

The following are some data disasters that you may encounter, luckily, MiniTool software can tackle all the problems. 

If you have deleted some videos, photos or other files by mistake, don’t hesitate to use this freeware to retrieve deleted files from your SD card as soon as possible, before the lost files get overwritten by new data.

SD Card Is Blank or Has Unsupported File System is a common-seen issue that occurs mainly on Android devices. The problem is likely to be caused by RAW file system, logical damages, virus infection and so on.

If you have a dead SD card that is not physically damaged, you won’t be able to open it or access the files stored, but you can use this MiniTool software to scan and restore your important data. 

In certain conditions, you may receive an “SD card not formatted” error message when trying to open the SD card in Windows Explorer. Do not panic, download MiniTool software and you will recover the files on the SD card, afterward, you could format it to the normal state.

When using the digital camera, you may receive an error message that says “This Memory Card Cannot Be Used”. You should take an action shortly, use software like MiniTool to restore your files because that message indicates that the SD card might be corrupted.

Sometime, you could see “Camera Says Card Cannot Be Accessed” error message when using a digital camera, and even reinserting or formatting the SD card cannot fix this issue. Tip: You should be very careful when you are asked to format your memory card, because formatting is typically irreversible. In this situation, using MiniTool software to restore the pictures and other files beforehand is a better, safer solution.

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