Runo Launches a Complete Communication App for Free International Calls and Messages

Fast, reliable and instant communication is the zeitgeist of the modern connectivity ecosystem. Despite the availability of a plethora of apps of communicating with each other, there is still a scarcity of reliable mobile apps using which you could make cheap international calls, send or receive messages and stay connected with your loved ones. A new app is in the town which promises a bunch of amazing features to solve your connectivity problems. Meet Runo, an app which allows you to make cheap international calls and messages within a few taps, irrespective of the location and time. Here are some of the great features of Runo communication app, which is available for Android and iOS.

Good Call Quality Even With Weak or No Internet

Runo makes it easy to connect even when there is no internet. It’s smart and powerful algorithm channelizes calls despite of weak internet signals. So you don’t need to worry about that sloppy internet. It cannot hinder your communication so long as Runo is here.

Free International and Local Calls

Using Runo, you can initiate free international and local calls. The app uses the 3G, 4G LTE to its full potential to make calls. The only charges which may apply are mobile data charges, subject to the policy of your service provider.

Instant Messages

Runo also provides a native, in-app chat feature using which you could send messages. Instant messages feature of Runo has awesome emojis and stickers to spice things up. You can switch between video calls and IM with a single swipe.

Smart Data Usage

Runo ensures minimum data usage to deplete your data bills. Its bandwidth using capacity is smart. The app uses half the bandwidth as compared to Skype and Viber.

Live Video Streaming and HD Videos

Live video streaming and HD video calling features of Runo let you do live conferences, meetings and webinars. It enables you to do a peerless communication for free.

Trending Stories

Runo also gives you the peek into the trending topics around the globe. You can quickly see what people are talking about on Facebook and other social media platforms using the Runo’s Trending feature.

Offline Calls

If the user to whom you are calling is offline, Runo has the capability to make a phone call on very cheap rates. In this way, you can communicate with anyone in case of an important message of emergency without the fear of hefty bills. Runo offline calling feature makes it stand out amongst many other apps of this genre.

Runo is a complete communication suite which solves your communication problems over the internet and offline. Give us your feedback on this app in the comments below.

Download Runo for iPhone and Android

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